Wacom Intuos 4

I cannot help but introduce this new product to you! :D

I bought a Wacom Intuos3 about 3 years ago and I thought very highly of this technology then.
During these couple of years, I enjoyed my user experience with Wacom Intuos3 very much.
I liked it’s highly customizable driver and functions, it actually allows users to customize different ExpressKeys for different applications!
I had a separate set of ExpressKeys for Photoshop and Maya.
A downside will probably be the fact that I’m actually left-handed, hence it was slightly tricky to customize.
I kept telling myself that it was such a good product, such that it will take some time for its successor to be released.
Indeed, I felt that it took quite awhile, now it’s here – Wacom Intuos4

Here’s the official trailer:

The Intuos4 can now turn 180 degrees to suit the user regardless of left or right handed users.
And then, I was thinking – “Wouldn’t the cord get in the way?”
I read on an article that the USB cord at Wacom’s end is actually detachable!!
The scroll strip is ingeniously tranformed into a scroll wheel which allows infinite zooming in and out as far as the application can take you in a single stroke! (Just like the Ipod)
The wheel allows intuitivity when rotating the painting canvas, which is newly introducted in Photoshop CS4.
There’s also an OLED display beside the ExpressKeys to remind the user what are the shortcuts assigned to them.

I have only written down the functions that I’m excited about and I feel are noteworthy. Please read this [article] to find out more!

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