Won NTUSU-BP Mentoring Logo Competition

I have just won the NTUSU-BP Mentoring Logo Design Competition in March 2012. The logo will be used as the identity of the NTUSU-BP Mentoring Club.

At the prize presentation ceremony, the NTUSU-BP Mentoring Club committee was very welcoming and I was invited to join them in an enriching “Stress Management and Exam Wishes” event.

The design has been implemented on their official website, facebook group and will be implemented more publicity and publication materials to come. Thank you Cynthia WIRANEGARA, Chairperson of NTUSU-BP Mentoring Club, the entire Club and the Communications and External Affairs Officer from BP Singapore for this wonderful opportunity.

About the logo design competition

Combination of the following
– Mentor and tutor those in need
– Passion towards voluntary welfare causes
– Care towards the society

1. The logo must include our name “NTUSU-BP Mentoring”
2. The logo should not include the NTU logo.
3. The logo should not contain copyright infringing content
4. No colour restrictions
5. Logo designs must be based on the theme

Judging Criteria:
The entries will be filtered by shortlisting committee, which consists of committee members from NTUSU-BP Mentoring and NTUSU. Shortlisted entries will be presented to the Communications and External Affairs Officer from BP Singapore. ONE(1) winner will be chosen.

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