Eyeka Creative Challenge

This web animation clip produced by Ronald Fong, Tan Zi Chao and Lee Yong Yi won the digital animation competition organised by Eyeka Asia – Eyeka Creative Challenge.

Our objective was to create an engaging animation that will inform the audience about the pronounciation of eyeka.

Simple visual elements are used for audience to relate better. For instance, the mouth literally provides a visual demonstration of the pronounciation of ‘Eyeka’. Therefore, the concept allows the audience to register the correct pronounciation of Eyeka without much complexity.

  • Produced by: Channelbox (Ronald Fong, Tan Zi Chao and Lee Yong Yi)
  • VFX Lead: Ronald Fong
  • Animation Lead: Tan Zi Chao
  • Concept Design Lead: Lee Yong Yi

Timing Reel

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