Utilizing Houdini’s particle trail simulation and Redshift’s randomwalk subsurface scattering, I breathe life into abstracted fungi forms.

Moving past the university class demonstrations, I delved into experimenting with the simulation setup to elevate the imagery, aiming to inspire and encourage students in pushing creative boundaries.

Every curve is meticulously shaped, and each hue and form is deliberately chosen to create an image with a limited palette.


  • Design & Direction: Ronald Fong


In crafting this digital artwork featuring abstract fungi, I followed a step-by-step process. First, I guided particles on in a 3D space, to create the basic structure, similar to sketching an outline. These particles left behind trails that formed the foundation of the fungi’s shape.

Next, I refined these trails by adjusting their size and shape, similar to molding clay into a desired form. This step helped create the intricate patterns and details seen in the final artwork.

Then, I added textures to the trails to make them more visually appealing and realistic. This involved a procedural method that automatically generated detailed textures to enhance the overall look of the fungi.

Finally, I used specialized material techniques to make the fungi feel soft, giving it depth and bringing it to life.


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