Rise of the Bulk

From a galaxy far away, while searching for a new fuel source, Mulk’s spaceship crashed into earth, landing in an old mothballed coal mine.
Upon ingesting some coal, he transformed into the large and powerful ‘Bulk’. And so, the Rise of Bulk began…


Designed Mulk for an animated sequence. Mulk is an green space alien miner looking for scarce resources across the galaxy. Designed Bulk, the transformed form of Mulk when he eat minerals that give him super energy. Drew the storyboards for the animatic for this project.

  • Client: Offset
  • Skills: 3D Production
  • Sofware: Maya, Mudbox, Mental Ray, After Effects

Additional Info

Check out the awesome work by the creative people at Offset.sg


SGX Animation Storyboards by Ronald Fong


Production Documentation

3D Lighting Model
Rig Documentation

Character Designs

Mulk Character Design
Bulk Character Design

3D Models and Rigs

Mulk 3D Model
Bulk 3D Model

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