The Incredible Hulk

Break down of the lighting, rendering and compositing of The Incredible Hulk. The digital set was created in a couple of hours. Utilised mental ray’s advanced sub-surface skin shader for character shading. The 3D model of Hulk is generously provided by Ashwin Ramamurthy, a lead modeler at Lucasfilm. Done at a Lighting and Rendering Pipeline course at NTU Art, Design & Media conducted by Xavier Bernasconi.

  • Client: Ronald Fong
  • Skills: Lighting, Shading and Rendering
  • Sofware: Maya, Mental Ray, After Effects

Additional Info

Shaded using Advanced Sub-Surface Scattering Shader available in Mental Ray.
The shading technique can be found here.


  • The Incredible Hulk

    CG Lighting, Shading and Rendering

    The Incredible Hulk by Ronald Fong

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