Yin Yang

An experimental Micro-Film Project. Abstract portrayal of the tension between light & dark.

Hello everybody!

This is the official launch of ronald-fong.com!

I am Ronald Fong and this is my website. There is much more in here than just my portfolio work, such as my demo reel, show reels, free 3D models and tutorials. Hence, feel free to browse around and have a look, hopefully you will enjoy your few minutes stay here :). Do check back as there will be many frequent updates coming along. This website is entirely designed and created by me.


Using Houdini’s FLIP solver to model the Rayleigh–Taylor instability (after Lord Rayleigh and G. I. Taylor). It is an instability of an interface between two fluids of different densities which occurs when the lighter fluid is pushing the heavier fluid.

  • Houdini
  • Redshift


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